Nigeria is endowed with large oil, gas, hydro and solar resource, and it already has the potential to generate 12,522 megawatts (MW) of electric power from existing plants, but most days is only able to generate around 4,000 MW, which is insufficient. Nigeria has privatized its distribution companies, so there is a wide range of tariffs.

On paper, Nigeria should produce 7,100MW based on installed generation capacity, but it only generates 4,600MW in practice. This is still a far cry from the 200,000MW of electricity Nigeria theoretically needs to meet the demand of its population. It does not have to be like this.

Households with access to on-grid electricity had an average power supply of only 9.2 hours a day in the first half of 2019, according to a survey by the country’s leading polling agency, NOI Polls. So, first of all you cannot expect to have any electricity and when it is available it is increasingly expensive, for every year! This situation has created a huge market for off the grid electricity generation and storage.


Green Power Solutions’ focus is to provide Electric Storage to clients and the preferred modus operandi is for GPS to own and manage the equipment and sell a service to client. Also, we can provide Solar PV on site. However the preferred generation is Floating Solar PV and deliver to our clients over the grid – what is called wheeling.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a highly successful consulting company in electric energy sector and to provide wide range of services in the field of Green Power Generation, Storage and Electricity Management Systems.


Our mission is to recognize the needs of our Clients who are constantly searching for the latest technologies and new ways of thinking to make the best project decisions.

We continuously develop our knowledge and expertise and apply them in helping our Clients in their business activities. And, above all, we work together with our Clients and transfer our knowledge and experience through continuous information sharing.


Our core values are unconditional and non-negotiable principles that set out clear guidelines for our behavior. They are embedded in our corporate culture in order to ensure that quality and integrity are the basis for our actions.


Integrity reflects our moral principles, which include being open, honest and respectful to each other.



Quality guides us in everything we do, as we work to meet the need for uninterrupted electricity at a reasonable price. We apply the highest safety standards, and work as efficiently as possible


The first intervention to mitigate Load Shedding is Battery Storage. Battery Storage is a simple and affordable way to take care of the typically 2hrs 10 minutes, during you are cut off from the grid.

Our Inverter/Battery solution automatically replaces the electricity supply from the grid. This happens so fast (less than 20 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption – as long as the capacity of the Inverter/Battery’s capacity in kW is sufficient.

We can offer you a solution where you pay per kWh – we take the CAPEX! For more information, please send us an email

If you have a plan where you pay a premium at Peak we can also program the Inverter/Battery to charge when the price is Low, at night, and deliver electricity in the morning (06-09, weekdays) and in the evening (18-20).

To further secure delivery and save on electricity cost we can offer you Solar PV generation on site.

Floating Solar

Floating Solar

Parking Solar

Parking Solar

Battery Inverter pack for larger offices, industries and mines
Battery Inverter pack for larger offices, industries and mines

Battery Inverter pack for larger offices, industries and mines

House Hold Battery

House Hold Battery

Inverters – House hold

Inverters - House Hold